TikTok Slushy trend explained: Why are people throwing slushies at trucks?

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What is the TikTok slushie trend? People are throwing slushies at their trucks as part of a new TikTok trend, but what does it mean? Here’s your explanation.

Another day, another completely pointless TikTok trend that has emerged out of nowhere. The TikTok Slushy trend is racking up millions and millions of views on the platform, but why are people doing it?

Over the past few weeks, videos of people hurling slushies at their trucks in the middle of gas stations have started going viral. It’s been dubbed the worst trend of 2024 (so far), and people are absolutely baffled as to why the videos are so popular.

Alongside the actual videos, there’s now hundreds of videos of people asking for an explanation as to why are people throwing slushies over their trucks. What does the trend actually mean? What is happening?! Here’s your explainer…

TikTok Slushy trend explained: Here's why people are throwing slushies at their trucks
TikTok Slushy trend explained: Here’s why people are throwing slushies at their trucks.

Thiago Prudêncio/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images, @beau.bill via TikTok

Who started the TikTok slushie trend?

TikTok’s slushie truck trend has been steadily growing in popularity since January 2024, with countless videos garnering over a million likes. It’s unclear who started the trend, but people have credited @brett.michaels thanks to a video posted on January 9th. (He did not throw his slushie at his truck in that video, however.)

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Every video in the trend is set to the song ‘Bag Season’ by Jay Lewis featuring Da Real Gee Money. The videos usually start with someone climbing out of their lifted truck at the gas station, dramatically swinging the doors of the store open before walking in and pouring a large slushie.

As they walk back out, they approach their truck and hurl the slushie right at the windshield. The rest of the video then flaunts the features of the truck, including the rims, tyres and modifications.

It seems like you can only take part in the trend if you own a modified truck, specifically a ‘Bubba Truck’ which is one of the popular hashtags on the trend. But that hasn’t stopped the people who don’t own one…

The trend has now gone beyond truck owners, and people are now just throwing slushies at whatever they’re driving.

So what does the trend mean? Why are people throwing slushies at their trucks?

Well, there doesn’t appear to be any kind of reason behind it at all. The videos appear to just simply act as a way for people show off and bring attention to their expensive trucks on TikTok.

Now the trend has gone viral, people are starting to have more fun with their videos and the whole thing has been turned into a meme.

People who don’t have modified trucks are now taking part in the trend. From using a stool to pretend they’re stepping out of a lifted truck, to opening the door and loads of dipping sauces falling out, users are also roasting the way the videos are filmed.

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Gas stations have now started putting signs up asking people to not throw slushies at their trucks and cars because their employees have to clean it up afterwards.

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