TikTok bans Legging Legs trend after huge backlash

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‘Legging Legs’ hashtags and videos have been removed and replaced by information about eating disorders.

A week after going viral on the platform, the Legging Legs trend has now been banned on TikTok.

Last week (Jan 25), users started calling out an alarming new hashtag and video trend that involved people praising others for having the “perfect” legs for leggings, and describing the features that are needed to ‘meet the criteria’.

Thousands of users – including medical professionals, therapists and influencers – managed to drown out the trend with videos expressing their concern, and it was later flagged as being potentially triggering to those with eating disorders.

Now, TikTok has completely blocked and removed all hashtags and videos that mention ‘Legging Legs’.

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TikTo bans Legging Legs trend after huge backlash
TikTo bans Legging Legs trend after huge backlash.

Thiago Prudêncio/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images, Burak Guler via Getty

The ‘Legging Legs’ trend first went viral after people began to share videos of themselves in yoga pants showing off their toned legs and thigh gaps.

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When you now search ‘Legging Legs’ on TikTok, all hashtags and videos have been removed. Instead, users are shown a “You’re not alone” page with a link to information and resources for eating disorders.

The search also brings up advice for those who feel like the trend might have had an impact on how they perceive their body image. It encourages users to talk to someone they trust, take a break from social media and take notice your “self-talk”, reminding users to think about themselves positively rather than in negative and toxic ways.

Reminder: There is no such thing as ‘perfect legging legs’.

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