SpongeBob makes brutal Leonardo DiCaprio joke during Super Bowl broadcast

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“Imagine getting roasted on live TV by SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS.”

SpongeBob roasting Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating life, live on Nickelodeon? Not something we had on our 2024 bingo card but here we are!

The Super Bowl might have been watched by millions upon millions on CBS in the U.S. but Nickelodeon’s absolutely incredible coverage of the game was by far and away the best broadcast of the night.

Titled ‘Super Bowl LVIII Live from Bikini Bottom’, the child-centric coverage was streamed from a booth in the Allegiant Stadium and commentated live by sports commentators Noah Eagle and Nate Burleson, and Tom Kenny and Bill Fagerbakke, who voice SpongeBob and Patrick Star, respectively.

Throughout the broadcast, Kenny and Fagerbakke were actually hooked up to a reality-augmented camera system and appeared as SpongeBob and Patrick to anyone watching on TV. On top of that, they also improvised in character for most of the game.

Now, one of those improvised moments, which happened to be about Leo DiCaprio’s dating life, has gone viral and people are cracking up.

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SpongeBob's brutal Leo DiCaprio joke at the Super Bowl goes viral
SpongeBob’s brutal Leo DiCaprio joke at the Super Bowl goes viral.

Nickelodeon, Jon Kopaloff/WireImage

At one point during the game, Leo was shown on screen as he watched from a suite in the crowd. He kept his head down and his cap on, but the Nickelodeon commentators clocked him and gave him a little shout out.

After throwing out a couple of puns on his name and references to Leonardo the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, SpongeBob then piped up and added: “Leonardo DiCaprio! 25! Hahaha!”

As the rest of the panel burst out into laughter, SpongeBob continued: “That’s about his dating history.”

The clip immediately went viral online with viewers absolutely losing it over SpongeBob calling him out like that. “Imagine getting roasted on live TV by SPONGEBOB FUCKING SQUAREPANTS,” one user wrote.

If you’re not aware of the conversation surrounding Leo’s dating history, the Oscar-winning actor has caught some criticism in the past after being linked to various models over the years who have mostly been around 25 years old.

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Idc about the NFL but I decided to throw on the Nickelodeon broadcast of the game & I just listened to Spongebob make a joke about Leonardo DiCaprio only dating women in their early 20s on national TV and I think that’s great pic.twitter.com/A2pO0XfiCC

— bryonato (@bryonato) February 12, 2024

spongebob yelling “25!” when leo decaprio was mentioned OHHHHH

— bri (@mutualfutures) February 12, 2024

Nickelodeon’s coverage of the Super Bowl also included a whole host of cameos from other SpongeBob characters including Larry the Lobster and Sandy Cheeks. Sandy actually acted as a sideline commentator, explaining how the game is played.

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They also employed Dora the Explorer to act as a rules expert, resulting in some hilarious clips where she basically roasts the players on the field for fumbling the ball. “Ok, who needs a map to help find the Endzone?” Ouch!

The Nick broadcast also kept cutting to shots of “celebrities” who were in the stadium watching the game, including Shrimpothée Chalamet, Oprah Finfrey, Taylor Fish and Herring Styles. Another screenshot from the broadcast has also gone viral, featuring a shot of Travis Kelce alongside the caption: “Taylor’s Swift’s boyfriend. Good at football.”

Absolute perfect. No notes. See you again next year.

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