Spencer Haywood Career 2023: Education, Stats, Records, awards

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Spencer Haywood has an enduring impression on the game of basketball. He has played the following games :

Denver Rockets of ABA 1969 to 1970  
Seattle SuperSonics 1970 to 1975  
New York Knicks   1975 to 1979  
New Orleans Jazz 1979
Los Angeles Lakers 1979 to 1980
Rayer Venezia 1980 to 1981  
NBA’s Washington Bullets 1981 to 1983

He was appointed #30 overall by the Buffalo Braves in the 1971 NBA draft. He won an NBA championship in 1980. He was also the most valuable player in the American Basketball Association in 1970. He has been four times the NBA “All-Star”, the ABA “All-Star” and also the All-Star Game MVP. He won a Gold medal in the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games. His #24 was retired by the Seattle SuperSonic in 2017. He was also named “Rookie of the Year”.

Bringing your attention to the “Spencer Haywood rule”, Despite a well-accomplished ABA and NBA career, he will always be commemorated as the man who opened the door for underclassmen college basketball players to leave the college early and play in the pros. He manifested to be one of the NBA’s most dominating forces achieving an average career of 9.3 rebounds and an astonishing record of 19.2 points per game.

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