Mike Mangini Net Worth 2023: Career Awards and Personal Life

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American musician Mike Mangini Net Worth is estimated to be $8 Million as of 2023. Mike Mangini has made a successful career in the music industry as a musician, where he has given his performance as a drummer. He gained popularity in music when he performed with a band of Dream Theater for a long time in his professional career. His primary source of income is from money that he receives for performing with bands and contributing to songs. He has made a net worth of $8 million in 2023. Must Read Charlie Puth Net Worth.

Mike Mangini Net Worth


Mike Mangini

Net Worth (2023)

$8 Million


American musician

Monthly Income

$800,000 +

Yearly Income

$1 Million +


Heavy metal, Progressive metal, Progressive rock, Hard rock, Thrash metal, Instrumental rock, Funk metal

Years active


Last Updated


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Mike Mangini Contracts

Mike Mangini has signed contracts with record labels and music companies. He signed his music contracts with Roadrunner, SPV/Steamhammer, Magna Carta and Epic. He has a music contract with the music band Dream Theater. He also worked with Annihilator, Tribe of Judah, Shredding the Envelope and Dream Theater. He has made millions of dollars from his contract. 

Mike Mangini Career Earnings 

As of 2023, Mike Mangini has an estimated net worth of $8 million. Mangini is a highly accomplished drummer and teacher, and has diversified his sources of income in a variety of ways, including:

Drum Lessons and Clinics – Mangini is renowned as one of the most sought-after drum teachers in the world. He conducts private lessons and clinics globally, often commanding high fees for his expertise.

Recording and Touring – As a member of the progressive metal band Dream Theater, Mangini contributes his exceptional drumming skills to their recordings and tours. His technically demanding style is held in high esteem by fellow musicians.

Advertisement – Mangini has secured endorsement deals with major drum companies such as DW Drums, Zildjian Cymbals and Evans Drumheads. Additionally, he boasts a signature drumstick line with Vic Firth.

Books and DVDs – Mangini has written several books and produced instructional DVDs focused on drumming, which serve as a source of income.

Production and Engineering – In addition to his drumming career, Mangini generates revenue as a producer and engineer. He has provided his expertise to various artists and operates his own recording studio.

Mike Mangini Career Earnings – 

  • Drum training and clinics: approximately $5 million
  • Recording and touring: approximately $5 million
  • Backing: approximately $3 million
  • Books and DVDs: approximately $2 million
  • Production and engineering: approximately $1 million
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Mike Mangini Net Worth Growth

Year Net Worth (Million)
Mike Mangini Net Worth in 2023 $8 Million
Mike Mangini Net Worth in 2022 $7 Million
Mike Mangini Net Worth in 2021 $6 Million
Mike Mangini Net Worth in 2020 $5 Million
Mike Mangini Net Worth in 2019 $4 Million
Mike Mangini Net Worth in 2018 $3 Million

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Mike Mangini?

Mike Mangini’s total net worth is around $8 Million.

How much does Mike Mangini make annually?

Mike Mangini earns an estimated salary of $1 million + Per Year.

What is the Salary per month Mike Mangini?

Mike Mangini earns an estimated salary of $70,000 + per month.

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