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Kellee Merrell: Wiki (Ty Pennington Future Wife), Age, Bio, Family, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Profession, Birthday, Nationality, Ethnicity, Family, Husband, Children, Career, Education, Achievements & More: Ty Pennington is specifically recognized to be an American television host. He is also known to be a previous model and an entertainer plus; he has added being an author and craftsman on his resume. Pennington, who is now a leader of the HGTV show ‘Ty Breaker,’ has stunned his followers on Wednesday. Ty reported being engaged to his sweetheart, Kellee Merrell, via Instagram. According to the alum of Trading Spaces, Pennington proposed to his lover with a teardrop-shaped stone ring. Merrell, now a fiancée of Pennington, accepted his proposal. After the HGTV actor shared the good news to society, his fans and followers, as well as his companions, have taken social media to praise the new couple. Soon to be hubby and wife, the recently engaged couple has yet to declare the date of their marriage.

Kellee Merrell Life and Education

Kellee Merrell’s prevailing age is 33 years old. She is assumed to be born in 1988, and her date of birth has not been disclosed to date. With her birthday being kept a mystery, Merrell’s star sign could not be known. Meantime, her future husband Pennington is 56 years old. The two met when Merrell was 22, years old. Now after 11 years, they have discovered themselves being engaged.

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Kellee Career

Kellee Merrell is a current Canadian social media administrator. The native of Vancouver, Canada, Merrell met Pennington in Toronto in 2010 when the host was shooting a T.V program in the Canadian city. The two succeeded to stay connected for many years through mutual friends. Nevertheless, it was in early 2020 when they reconnected and took the decision to quarantine together, which helped to boost their relationship. Fast- Forward a year and a half later, the love birds have selected to get hooked and spend their life together. The two purchased an old 19th-century house in Savannah, Georgia, and are renewing it into their dream home. Newly engaged Kellee Merrell is not present on Instagram. Moreover, she has not revealed herself on other social media platforms as well. Regarding the total worth of Kellee Merrell, her wealth is yet to be calculated. Sharing the identical roof with her soon-to-be husband, Ty’s total value is estimated at $12 million.

Kellee Personal Life

Kellee Merrell’s family is believed to be very happy after their daughter’s engagement. But her family has not presented complete information about themselves as of now. In extension, Merrell and Pennington have also kept the aspects of her family hidden. Pennington, nevertheless, is the boy of school psychologist Yvonne Burton and has an older sibling named Wynn.

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Kellee Merrell Bio, Height, Weight, Profile, Net Worth

Real name Kellee Merrell
Gender  Female
Age  33
Date of birth 1988
Birthplace  Vancouver, Canada
Nationality  Canadian
Hometown Not known
Profession Social media administrator
Height  Not known
Weight  Not known
Interest Not known
Zodiac sign Not known
Marital status Engaged
University Not known
Parents  Not known
Siblings Not known
Husband Ty Pennington
Boyfriend None
Children None
Net worth Not known

Some lesser-known facts about Kellee Merrell

  • Her prevailing age is 33 years.
  • Kellee Merrell met Pennington at the age of 22.
  • She is currently a social media administrator.
  • Kellee Merrell purchased an old 19th-century house in Savannah, Georgia along with Pennington.
  • Her family is very happy with her engagement.
  • She is a native of Vancouver, Canada.

Kellee Merrell Social media Accounts: 


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