K-drama Actress Han So Hee Charges Rs 1.23 Cr PER EPISODE For Gyeongseong Creature: Report

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Last Updated: February 03, 2024, 09:58 IST

Han So Hee’s fee for Gyeongseong Creature revealed.

Han So-hee’s fee for Gyeongseong Creature has allegedly been revealed. She starred opposite Park Seo-joon in the K-drama series.

South Korean actress Han So-hee has reportedly charged a whopping fee for her role in Gyeongseong Creature. The hit K-drama, which also starred Park Seo-joon in the lead, was released in December 2023 on Netflix. While fans are eagerly waiting for season 2, a new report has claimed to have gained access to the salary details of Han So-hee. If reports are to be believed, the popular South Korean drama actress has charged a whopping ₩200 million KRW (about $149,000 USD). When converted to INR, it comes up to about Rs 1.23 crore.

The details about her fees for the show were reported by Koreaboo. The fee is jaw-dropping considering that Han So-hee has starred in just 10 series so far and Gyeongseong Creature is her fourth K-drama as a lead actress. Han So-hee is expected to return for season 2 of the show as well.

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Despite the limited leading roles, Han So-hee has achieved international fame courtesy her performance in Nvertheless and My Name. She went on to cement her position in the international market with her performance in Soundtrack No 1, co-starring Park Hyung-sik. She also starred in the music video of Jungkook’s hit song Seven.

In Gyeongseong Creature, she played the role of Yoon Chae-ok. The action-thriller K-drama Gyeongseong Creature on Netflix, launched on December 22, takes place in 1945, portraying the Japanese imperial Army committing atrocities against civilians. As per the Time Magazine, the narrative is inspired by real-life war crimes of Unit 731 and introduces General Kato and his monstrous creations. Focused on his pet project, General Kato relocates to Gyeongseong (modern-day Seoul), shaping the course of the series.

Han So-hee has faced criticism after addressing concerns about the portrayal of Korean independence fighters, fighting against the Japanese army, in the K-drama Gyeongseong Creature. Despite initial backlash, the show managed to shift fan sentiment and concluded its first act successfully.

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