Exclusive | ChoCo Ent Hunts For Next K-Pop Idol In India, Kashish Pushpak Shortlisted For Seoul Audition

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Written By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: February 11, 2024, 14:15 IST

Kashish Pushpak has auditioned to be the next K-Pop star from India.

South Korean entertainment agency ChoCo Entertainment is hunting for its next big K-Pop idol. They are auditioning several talented people from India.

ChoCo Entertainment, a prominent K-Pop company in Seoul, South Korea, has officially launched its 2024 Global Audition. The entertainment house is scouting for talent across the globe in the hunt for the next big K-pop idol and India’s Kashish Pushpak has caught their attention. She has been selected to fly out to Seoul and audition for the company in person.

ChoCo Entertainment, known for its innovative artist incubation system, is placing a strategic focus on India with this global audition. Kashish Pushpak, with her exceptional singing and dancing abilities, has been chosen from the vast pool of talent in India.

During the audition process, Kashish had the opportunity to meet ChoPD, CBO/Executive Producer of ChoCo Entertainment and the man behind the rise of some of the biggest K-Pop acts like PSY and ZICO, and shared her dream. “I want to make Indian Pop and Korean Pop together to make a different kind of unique song,” she said. Given the growing scope of collaboration between the Indian music industry and the K-Pop world, it is only a matter of time before such a dream is realized, with the right push.

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ChoPD commended Kashish’s vision and expressed his enthusiasm in making it come true. A video shared by the agency on YouTube shows Kashish’s journey from India to Seoul. In the video, she was seen sharing her aspirations, enjoying tteokbokki with Team ChoCo and more. Kashish has already garnered widespread support as fans cheer her on.

In a statement about her experience with ChoCo Entertainment, Kashish expressed her admiration, stating, “I totally love this company… friendly, comfortable, helpful.” She encourages aspiring K-Pop idols worldwide to participate in ChoCo’s 2024 Global Audition, which is now underway.

How to Audition For ChoCo Ent?

The application period is currently open. The agency is accepting applicants who are interested in vocals, dance and/or rap. There is no restrictions on nationality, gender and age. All you have to do is submit a video of your performance along with your introduction. The video shouldn’t be beyond two minutes. Send your video with the application form available ChoCo’s website to [email protected].

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