Chris Gatling Biography 2023: Age, DOB, Height, Weight

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Elizabeth City native Chris Gatling was a professional basketball player born on September 3rd, 1967. He has since retired from the sport. At Old Dominion University, he was a Monarch who played college basketball from 1985 to 1991. During his NBA career of over ten years, Gatling played for different teams such as the Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat, and was successful.

Chris Gatling Career Highlights

Chris Gatling played 11 NBA seasons as a former American basketball player. He played for different teams including the Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, and Dallas Mavericks throughout his career. Gatling had a remarkable career with many notable achievements that earned him respect as one of the premier players in the league. An amazing accomplishment during the 1995-96 season was leading the league in field-goal percentage with an impressive 63%. 4%.

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He achieved a franchise record for consecutive games with at least one steal as a member of the Dallas Mavericks within the same season. He achieved this feat also in addition. The NBA All-Star Game of the 1996-97 season saw Gatling being selected to participate. In addition, he belonged to Team West.

Despite his triumphant rise in basketball, Chris Gatling’s net worth remains unspecified. Despite this, he is acknowledged to have earned millions while playing professionally and still stays connected with basketball through his engagement in coaching and training programs. With his contributions to the sport, he has become one of its greats whose legacy is now cemented. In addition, they inspire young athletes worldwide. You may also like Ayo Dosunmu Net Worth.

Chris Gatling Relationship & More

Regarding his family and relationships, Chris Gatling was united with Nicole Kidd from 2002 through 2010. Christopher Jr. was the name of their son, while their two daughters were Brianna and Capri, making the total number of their offspring three. Documentation of Gatling’s personal life and any romantic relationships is limited. Also, his solitary recognized association was his wedlock with Nicole Kidd.

Chris Gatling’s estimated net worth presently stands at approximately $7 million. He has remained connected to basketball by coaching youth teams, post his retirement from the NBA. Also, he serves as a sports network analyst for different channels. Chris Gatling, who made a notable impact on basketball during his time on the court, faced legal troubles towards the end of his playing career which included charges concerning fraud and theft that resulted in him spending time in prison.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight of Chris Gatling?

The weight of Chris Gatling is 99 Kg / 220 Ibs.

How old is Chris Gatling?

Currently, Chris Gatling is 56 years old (3 September 1967).

What is the eye color of Chris Gatling?

The eye color of Chris Gatling is Brown.

What is the height of Chris Gatling?

The height of Chris Gatling is 2.08m. (6’ 11”).

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