BTS Star J-Hope’s Latest Photos From Military Leave ARMY Emotional

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Published By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: February 03, 2024, 08:57 IST

J-Hope commenced his mandatory military service in April last year. (Photo Credits: X)

In recent photos, the BTS rapper is seen forging strong connections with his fellow soldiers.

The Arson singer, who began his mandatory military service in April 2023, has been observed displaying leadership within the group. One photo captures J-Hope donning a neon vest adorned with a hand signal light. In another series of images, some intentionally blurred and others clear, J-Hope is seen forming bonds with his fellow soldiers and posing for the cameras.

The comment section was soon filled with heartfelt sentiments. In a spontaneous burst of excitement, fans swiftly began circulating pictures online.

“Finally he came to celebrate hobiuary. Look at his dazzling smile,” said a fan.

“The look of accomplishment & pride on Hobi’s face. Hobiuary is off to a brilliant start,” shared another ARMY.

An emotional fan expressed, “Omg it feels like I haven’t seen him in years.”

A fan simply said “he misses J-Hope”.

As the birthday of the BTS rapper approaches on February 18, fans are already immersed in celebratory preparations. The affectionate term “Hobiuary” is used by fans to refer to Jung Hoseok’s birth month. However, emotions are running high within the fan community, given that this upcoming birthday will be his first while serving in the military. Earlier reports suggested that J-Hope achieved the Special Force title, which is reserved for soldiers clearing specific benchmarks and received an early promotion to the rank of sergeant. Although his promotion was initially scheduled for January 2024, his exemplary contributions and capabilities resulted in an earlier advancement in recognition of his achievements in the military.

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The BTS member embarked on his military service journey in April of the previous year, making him the second member of the septet to fulfill this obligation.

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