Ahn Bo Hyun Says His Grandma Thought His Romance With Yumi’s Cells Co-star Kim Go Eun Was Real

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Published By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: February 05, 2024, 17:51 IST

Yumi’s Cells, starring Ahn Bo Hyun and Kim Go Eun released in 2021. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Ahn Bo Hyun explained that his grandmother has a habit of considering on-screen events such as romance or a tragedy as real-life occurrences.

In a recent episode of SBS’s reality show, My Little Old Boy, which aired on February 4, Ahn Bo Hyun, appeared as a special MC. During the episode, he shared some very amusing stories regarding his grandmother’s heartwarming reactions to some of his on-screen characters, especially romantic ones like in the drama Yumi’s Cells. The actor also explained the motivation behind his inclination to act in television dramas over those exclusively featured on online streaming platforms, attributing it to his grandmother’s genuine concern for his well-being.

He also described how, in case of him doing an over-the-top (OTT) drama and not being seen on television for a long time, his caring grandmother would assume that he might be suffering.

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“If I do an OTT drama and wind up not appearing on TV for a year, my grandma thinks I’m starving to death. She gets worried and offers to send me food,” he added.

Ahn Bo Hyun further explained that his grandmother is in a habit of considering on-screen events as real-life occurrences. He recounted instances where she would dial his number while witnessing scenes depicting on-screen accidents or emotional confrontations, under the illusion that these dramatic moments were taking place in real-time, reports Soompi.

“She thinks the drama is a live broadcast. And when I played a villain in Itaewon Class, there was a scene where my father hit me. That really seemed to make her heart ache,” he added.

In his hit drama, Yumi’s Cells, Ahn Bo Hyun played the male lead, opposite Kim Go Eun. He revealed that this particular role offered a glimpse into his personality that his grandmother had not encountered before.

“My grandma had never seen that side of me before. After seeing my love scenes with Kim Go Eun for the first time, she became shy and told me, ‘That girl seemed really nice.’ So I realised, ‘Oh, Grandma thought that was real,” he jokingly explained.

Ahn Bo Hyun further disclosed that his grandmother went a step further, expecting him to bring Kim Go Eun to their hometown in Busan. He recalled, “My grandma asked me, ‘Does she like sashimi? In case you happen to bring her to Busan.”

Yumi’s Cells, released in 2021, revolves around Yumi (Kim Go Eun), an office worker navigating the routine of everyday life. Initially, she puts her aspirations of becoming a writer on the back burner and steers clear of emotional entanglements. However, her life takes a significant turn when she encounters Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun), a video game creator. As their connection deepens, love blooms between them.

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